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Thailand's and Dubai's Top New 4x4 Truck and Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) Dealer

If you are looking for an honest 4x4 pickup, truck and SUV Dealer in Dubai and Thailand who offers world's top used or second-hand trucks at cheapest price in the world than Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos Dubai are world's best auto dealers. We offer our vehicles at Sale prices all year round.

If you are in the market for used truck or 4x4 pickup or SUV the thought of used truck salesmen turns you off and you keep postponing until there is no way out. Many times, if you find a match, you are willing to settle with average service, or worse, and take it for granted that the shopping and buying experience is full of headaches, determined to just grin and bear it. At Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos Dubai we defy the stereotype of car or truck dealerships and the experience of buying a vehicle and have been doing so since 1911. We know that customers make the best sales people, and we are determined to convert as many potential customers over to loyal, long term customers as we can; we are proud of the fact that over eighty percent of our business comes from repeat and referral customers! How do we do it? We make it our mission. We are proud of our mission; in fact, we display it right on our homepage for you to see. So if you are ready to buck the system and have the best car shopping, buying and ownership experience of your life, than email us now at [email protected] for Thai 4x4 of your choice or [email protected] for American, German, French, Swedish and Japanese car, 4x4, truck or SUV of your choice.

Quality vehicles, with a large selection of make and models to choose from? Check. Expert staff, who will answer my questions directly and honestly? Check. If these items are important to you in a pre-owned vehicle dealership, then Jim Autos Thailand, Jim 4x4 Thailand and Jim Autos Dubai have got you covered with these and so much more. The Jim Group is committed to being the dealership you can trust when it comes to delivering high quality vehicles at the right price, giving superior customer service, maintaining a comfortable, clean and user friendly, state of the art dealership, and supporting our wonderful customers with excellence in our parts and accessories departments. You can begin your shopping experience for cars and trucks online from your home or office. Driving on bad roads can put heavy demands on a car or truck, even if you limit your driving. If you like to take a four by four off road, however, you will need the maximum in durability and reliability in your vehicle, as well as a relationship with your auto dealer to get the needed parts urgently. Our parts and accessories departments are dedicated to giving you their very best. We never promise more than we can deliver, and always deliver what we promise.

SUV and 4x4 owners are everywhere in the world, and they are all different but one thing most of them in common is that they have either purchased their 4x4 from us or have heard great things about us from fellow 4x4 and offroading enthusiasts. We here at Jim Autos Thailand are ourselves 4x4 enthusiasts and understand your need for the freedom they bring.

If you are in need of new or Pre-Owned 4wd Pickups, you cant find a better selection than on our lots at our state of the art dealerships in Dubai and Thailand. Our selection of pre-owned vehicles are of the highest quality, and are ready for you to inspect and take for a test drive. Our sales staff will be available to answer all your questions and address your needs as quickly and honestly as possible. We never make promises we cannot keep, and we always deliver on the promises we make. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We are located in Bangkok and Dubai, but you can start your search for your new ride from home or office online, and you will have your vehicle in your home city in no time. So if you agree there is no sound like that of a strong engine roaring as it pushes you up a steep graded trail, and there is no feeling like that of gunning through a muddy riverbed and watching fans of mud jet up to either side, then you need to find the perfect four wheel drive vehicle to take you to the mountains.

Toyota Hilux Vigo is our best selling 4x4 pickup and browse Jim Autos Thailand or the Jim Group of Companies websites to find quality Thailand-assembled Japanese and American 4x4 pickups, trucks and SUVs as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Triton,    Nissan Navara, Chevrolet Colorado, Nissan Frontier,  Isuzu DMax, Isuzu MU-7, Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger.

Your sedan or coupe works fine getting you to and from the job or school, but when you are ready to off-road, you are going to need the best in Recreational Autos, and you are going to find them at Jim Autos Thailand or Jim Autos Dubai. We offer a full range of SUVs at our state of the art dealerships in Thailand and Dubai. In Thailand we offer Toyota Fortuner and Isuzu MU-7. In Dubai we offer all the world's top SUVs with the dodge durango, the chrysler pacifica, and the complete line of jeep vehicles, from the wrangler se to the 2006 commander.

We have been offering unparalleled buying experience since we opened doors in 1911. We understand that even window shopping for a vehicle can be a time consuming investment, and we are dedicated to give you every help you need to make sure your investment pays off. We never promise more than we can deliver, and we always deliver what we promise. Email now at [email protected] or [email protected] to get you started with your own 4x4 truck or SUV.

What is important to you when you pick an new 4x4 or SUV dealer to do business with? You want your automotive needs taken care of, naturally, and you want to make sure that the vehicle you select is the vehicle that is right for you. You want help to make sure that the kind of car you are searching for is available on the lot, and you want a fair, friendly staff to deal with. After all, buying a car is an enormous investment of time and resources, and you want to make sure it is all going to pay off in the end.

When you are searching for Current 4x4 Models in Thailand and Dubai, you don't want to waste your time with dealerships who are not going to treat you as their most important customer of the day. When you walk onto a dealer lot you should feel like you just stepped out of a limousine and on to the red carpet.

The staff should great you with a smile and a determination to treat your time wisely, helping you find your match in a new car or truck as efficiently and effectively as possible. At Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos Dubai we live by this model of business every day. We proudly display our mission statements right on the home page of our website, because we want the world to see our commitment and hold us accountable to it. In our quest to be recognized as the premier Toyota Mitsubishi Nissan Isuzu Mazda Ford Chevy Honda Chrysler Jeep Dodge auto dealership in Dubai, we only present our products and services in a positive, factual and informative manner. . . Never with the intent of misleading our customer. When you are shopping for automotive sales, we recognize that you have a choice. We are proud that over 80% percent of our business comes from repeat and referral customers, because that means we did our job right, and they chose us.

At Jim Motors, we understand what is important to you; after all, we all drive trucks and cars, and we have to go through the process of buying them as well. Our very friendly staff is ready to help answer any and all questions to make your auto buying experience the best you have ever had. We are the dealer in Thailand and Dubai, Singapore and UAE who will treat you right. Our dealership is committed to offering you the best selection, best price and the best service around. Email us now at [email protected] to contact Thailand's and Dubai's best auto dealer.



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