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Kind words from our Customers

At Jim Autos we are very proud of the standard of service we have provided over the years. It gives us great satisfaction to carry on our 100 years tradition of automotive excellence and unparalleled customer service. The feedback we get from our customers is overwhelmingly positive. Listed below are examples of the responses we get from those who have dealt with us. If you would like to add your voice to those below, send us an email at [email protected] or fax with your comments. Please note on it that we have your permission to reproduce it.





Leif C., CEO Truck Importer Denmark

L. Christensen, CEO of Scandinavia's (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland) largest Truck and 4x4 Distributor

We are very happy that our two companies are working with each other. It is great to work with a company who we can trust and who can trust us. It is my fervent hope that we can work together in the future for a very long time.

Martin C., Ireland

Firstly I would like to say how lucky you are to have been left such a valuable legacy by your great - grandfather, to be left money is one thing but to be left a dream that you can live is awesome.



Derrick Santos, Macquarie Securities (Philippines)

“Your service is very impressive and without doubt you have kept the legacy of your great grandfather intact.”

Razzaq G., CEO, G. Motors Karachi

G. Motors is Pakistan's largest provider of commercial vehicles and an uncontested leader in his field. He had the following to say about Jim Autos and its COO, Mr. Jim Quraishi:

Recently, someone asked me if I were a business acquaintance of Jim Motors. I told him, 'no!', he looked surprised and said, 'but they claim that they have been working with you for years.' I insisted 'Yes, we are not business acquaintances.' I felt sorry for the guy so I thought I better relent, 'Jim is not just my business acquaintance, he is family.'

“And this, in short sums up our relationship. Yes, we transact millions of dollars of business in a given year but that is secondary to the strong bond that has developed between our two families. We attend each other events and celebrations and we share each others moments of joy and grief.

...Jim is not just my business acquaintance, he is family...

“In business, you talk a lot about creating partnerships and a sense of family with your suppliers and customers, but when push comes to shove, this talk of partnership turns out to be just that, a talk.

“It is a joy, when you actually see it happen with a supplier. I cannot say that it is one thing that created this chemistry.

“Maybe, it is because Jim has proven himself time and again to be a man of honour and integrity. It is nice when you have a business partner who is so trustworthy that you feel that your money is as safe with him as it is with you. How often do you meet a man of honour who is willing to suffer substantial loss to keep his word?

“Maybe, it is because he has demonstrated that he is looking out for your best interests all the time. We read about "doing unto others what you want done unto us" but he goes a step further and he does unto you what you want done unto you. He is not just interested in making money off of me but actually enthusiastic about making me succeed. He is not here to make a fast buck but in with you for the long haul. He is always brimming with ideas and suggestions to improve our business even at his expense. How often have I heard him say, 'if you succeed, I succeed as well.' I also like the fact that his definition of customer service does not mean agreeing with the customer even when his decision may cause him a loss or failure. He will persist in dissuading you from a course of action that his vast experience tells him is not the right one. I wish I could say that I always listen to him.

“Maybe, it is because Jim was born in a family with 101 years of automotive history and he has an uncanny vision of where our industry will go. He can predict what models will succeed and which one will fail to garner consumer interest. I'm convinced that if he were the CEO of an automobile manufacturing company, his company would be the most successful company of the world. But I'm not sorry that he does not have that job, their loss is our gain.

“Maybe, it is because of his engaging personality and his irrepressible sense of humour. You are never bored in his company. He could regale you with amusing anecdotes after anecdotes for hours at end. There is a Chinese curse to the effect 'may you lead an interesting life.' Jim has led a very interesting life but in his case it has been a singular blessing. This has given him the business savvy and appreciation of what is really important in life.

“Maybe, it is because of his enormous passion about cars and his remarkable memory. He can tell you what features differentiates a 1957 model from a 1958 model and when Toyota or Ford or Nissan changed what on which model. He is a walking encyclopaedia of automotive knowledge and you can sleep well at night knowing that his automotive knowledge is working to make you succeed.

“I'm proud to be a part of Jim Automotive Family and here to stay for life. I would heartily recommend Jim Autos Thailand and its parent company Bloomstar to one and all. They are men of honour, honesty, integrity, vision, automotive knowledge, customer service and excellence. You cannot go wrong with them.




Karti - Dealership CEO  - Trinidad

I dealt with Jim Autos for the first time in 2005 and judging from their other customer testimonials, I was encouraged to enter a business transaction with them.

Mr. Jim along with Sam and the rest of the crew at Jim Autos were very professional, helpful, straightforward and honest in their dealings with me.

Their deals are based on the right principles in life and would do everything they could to help you .

I would definitely deal with them again

Joel Y. - Customer - Trinidad

The unit is a beauty. I don't know how can I thank you for your kind assistance in getting the job done in a timely fashion.

A Dealer Customer - Barbados

I feel that [Mr. Soni] is not out for a quick buck but interested in a long term relationship with his family of customers.

I have always experienced Quality Service and Honesty in my dealings with Mr. Jim and the Crew at Jim Motors. Their lower prices were an important factor in winning me over, and I continue to be happy with the prices I have received .

Mr. Jim is very honest and sincere. I feel that he is not out for a quick buck but interested in a long term relationship with his family of customers. He always asks me about my Family and Business before discussing any business no matter how busy he might be.

Mr. Jim is not like a friend to me but more like a Brother, I would surely deal with brother Jim and the Crew at Jim Autos any time .

Ryan M - Dealer Customer -Suriname

One phrase says it all: "Mr. Jim is a Man of his words!"

S.P. - Guyana

Dear Friends,

The vehicles we purchased have arrived safely and in excellent condition. I am personally impressed with Jim Autos service. As I recall my initial reluctance to place the order because I could not verify the bona fide of your company, I am embarrassed. Your patience with me is greatly appreciated. The end result is that you have my respect, friendship and future purchases.

Thank you.

Kindest Regards,


N. R. - Guyana

"I was initially nervous at the though of sending so much money to someone who I had never heard of before, but Sam and Mark quickly made me feel comfortable and a brief check in Guyana revealed many satisfied customers locally. Within days of deciding to do business with Jim Autos the transaction was completed and my vehicle was on the way. I owe a big thank you to the team at Jim Autos for making this a most pleasant and satisfactory experience. They are highly recommended."

Ms. Baksh, Trinidad

I have always been searching for a very powerful vehicle. My dreams came true when I found Jim Autos on the internet while searching one day. Mr. Jim and Mr. Mark have been very kind and humble towards their services. My vehicle has been delivered to me in a very satisfying manner. I totally love the Mitsubishi Triton. It's the best on the road. All eyes are on my vehicle!

This has been my first experience in purchasing a vehicle from abroad and I'm totally satisfied. I will definitely be an ongoing Jim customer in the future.




Oceania/ Australasia

Alan B., Australia

I have been satisfied with my experience with Jim Autos to date, as you have given all the information I have asked for. I wish I could also comment from a purchasing point of view but at this stage the red tape of getting vehicles to my customers is hindering me at this time but thank you for your good customer service thus far.



Wolfgang, Namibia

Dear Mark,

I could repeat most “quotes” from the other business partners you are involved with, but prefer to do my own wording.

Despite the fact that you are “snowed” under in terms of business, I respect the humble business approach and straight forwardness, and therefore it is a big pleasure to deal with you.

You appear very professional and I am more than convinced that I get VALUE FOR MONEY”, which is very rare in today’s world.


Warm regards,


Barry, Zimbabwe

Hello Mr. Soni,

We have just started receiving our first vehicles. Thank you very much they are very nice, not only do they give you a good name they give our business a good name. Hopefully our business partnership can grow from strength to strength. I commend you and your company on a Job well done.



Rodney, Zimbabwe

Thanks for the e-mail it has everything l need l now understand why you are the largest exporter of vehicles from Thailand. You don't leave anything out it's perfect.

Dr. H. Sigauke

Hello again. This is great !!

I am surprised by your quick response this is excellent and also you welcomed me in my language, whoever taught you marketing is a great genius!!. I can see you guys are in serious business. Thanks for the information...

Richard, Seychelles

Dear Mr. Soni,

I sincerely want to thank you on your very efficient delivery of my double cab truck. It has arrived safely... I must congratulate you on your thoroughly impeccable business acumen. I will be doing more business with you in the future.

Yours sincerely, Richard

Mr. Solomon, Tanzania

Greetings Soni,

Regrets for a late response, I had travelled.

Many thanks for your constant and timely update, that is sheer professionalism Soni!


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